Ice 9 is Mihailo Vukelic,  Steve Justice, Terrel Crawford, Nick Herrington, Paul Ciccarelli, and James Bristol



Mihailo Vukelic

Mihailo Vukelic is an award-winning artist who has devoted the last seven years to tattooing. His varied career includes gallery and museum exhibitions, comic book publications (most recently with Image Comics), and animation and CGI.


Terrel Crawford

Terrel comes from a strong graphic background and his strengths include urban art and street art.


Paul Ciccarelli

Our shop manager. Educated at the art Institute of Pittsburgh, his background is in animation and illustration. Inspirations include Mike Mignola, Bruce Timm, and Ashley Wood, among others. Apprenticed under Steve Justice, right here in our shop, Paul has an unorthodox style. Good for wowing your friends and upsetting your grandmother.

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