Ice 9 is Mihailo Vukelic,  Steve Justice, Bonnie Ramone, Dexter, Terrel and Christopher_B93 – Piercing by Zack Watson.


Christopher B93

I make marks on skin and philosophize about the beauty of life.  Expressing exaggerated perspectives is my thing.


Mihailo Vukelic

Mihailo Vukelic is an award-winning artist who has devoted the last five of his years to tattooing. His varied career includes gallery and museum exhibitions, comic book publications (most recently with Image Comics), and animation and CGI.


Bonnie Ramone

Bonnie Ramone is a jack-of-all-trades. As a commission artist, illustrator, painter, and professional musician, she brings her various influences together to bring something new stylistically to tattooing.

k grind


Dexter is a collegiate studio artist whose style ranges from realism (and accurate portraits) to illustrated realism and neo-traditional. Follow him on instagram @dextertattooer to see all of his newest and exciting work and message for appointments


Terrel Crawford

Terrel comes from a strong graphic background and his strengths include urban art and street art.

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