Most of the images featured here are a product of various comic-book projects. Two projects stand out most prominently: Back to Brooklyn and Worm in the Blossom. Back to Brooklyn was a five-issue crime-drama published by Image Comics between 2008 and 2010. It was written by Garth Ennis (The Punisher, Preacher) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Pain Killer Jane, Powergirl) and illustrated by Mihailo Vukelic (Battle Axis, Enchanted Worlds). A trade paperback of the graphic novel is also available. The second project, Worm in the Blosssom, is an ongoing sci-fi epic which is still in progress.

Space DebrisThe Rose of Plava GoraStar Gypsy v2Star Gypsy v3city_scene_by_Solon_FyreGodel, Delenda, Godcocoon_chamber_by_Solon_FyreSpeak Destinycover_concept_by_Solon_FyreThe Bridedesign_in_progress_by_Solon_FyreCleobulusGevura_by_Solon_FyreGlider Exopancosmium_by_solon_fyre-d5ik076We Surrenderslick_on_the_monkey_bars_cover_by_solon_fyre-d4h3smfCeramic Corpsthough_i_still_look_able____by_solon_fyre-d5jt7hkOscillatingIsovincularDampenerwinter_rain_by_solon_fyre-d5ijz3lTiff'eretCave Elfbtb_by_Solon_FyreArchon 02Battle Bard10Dcomposite_by_Solon_Fyre10D 2corundum corpsOonap'aldoonComic Panelsslick on the monkey bars splashthe cityvictorian_spirit_by_solon_fyre-d5ijyqotraumlust 01traumlust 02